Academic Year 2017-18 HEAP (High Energy and Astro Particle) Seminars

Seminars are held on Wednesdays, unless otherwise noted, in Fourth Floor Conference Room (Knudsen 4-134) at 12:00 PM Pizza is served 15 minutes prior.

Fall Quarter 2017 seminars will be updated here as they are confirmed.

FALL 2017

Oct. 5, 2017
"The Dark Matter Axion Search"

Speaker: Prof. Jonghee Yoo, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Host: Hanguo Wang

Nov. 8, 2017
"Radio Interactions with Particle-Shower Plasmas, and Implications for High-Energy Astroparticle Physics"

Speaker: Steven Prohira, University of Kansas
Host: David Saltzberg

Nov. 15, 2017
"A Stop To Natural SUSY?"
Speaker: Dr. Indara Suarez, UCSB
Host: Jay Hauser

Nov. 21, 2017 @ 2 PM
*please note different day and time*
"FASER: ForwArd Search ExpeRiment at the LHC"

Speaker: Prof. Jonathan Feng, UC Irvine
Host: David Saltzberg

Nov. 28, 2017 @ 2 PM
*please note different day and time*
"A Halo-Independent Data Analysis for Dark Matter Direct Detection"

Speaker: Prof. Graciela Gelmini, UCLA

Dec. 6, 2017
"How to Mine a Golden Decay"
Speaker: Monica Tecchio, University of Michigan
Host: David Saltzberg

Dec. 11, 2017 @ 3pm
"Searches for Lepton Number Violation via Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in Germanium-based experiments"
*please note different day and time*

Speaker: Wenqin Xu, University of South Dakota
Host: Huan Huang


Jan. 31, 2017

Speaker: Paul Hamilton, UCLA