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Fall 2002

2 October
The Zeplin II Dark Matter Search
Dr. Hanguo Wang
University of California, Los Angeles

9 October
The MECO Experiment: Search for µ-to-e Conversion at 10-17 Sensitivity
Prof. William Molzon
UC Irvine

16 October

23 October
CKM Physics at CLEO |Vcb|, |Vub|, and how b->s g helps
Dr. Karl Ecklund
Cornell University

30 October
Silicon Tracking For Forward Electron Identification at CDF
Prof. David Stuart
UC Santa Barbara

6 November
A Dalitz Analysis of D0 -> p+ p- p0 and the CLEO3 Trigger
Charles Plager
University of Illinois

13 November
SLAC E-158 A Precision Measurement of Parity Violation in Moller Scattering
Brian Humensky

20 November
The CMS Silicon Tracker
Prof. Joe Incandela
UC Santa Barbara

27 November
No Speaker

4 December
Notes From The Underground: Results From Super-Kamiokande-I
Dr. Mark Vagins
UC Irvine