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Fall 2014

October 1
No seminar scheduled

October 8
"Dark matter searches at ATLAS"
Speaker: Ning Zhou, UC Irvine
Host: Robert Cousins

October 15
No seminar scheduled

October 20 @ 3pm
"Towards a Neutrino Mass Measurement via Holmium Electron Capture Spectroscopy"
Speaker: Dr. Gerd Kunde, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Host: Huan Huang
*Note Special Time*

October 22
No seminar scheduled

October 29
No seminar scheduled

November 5
No seminar scheduled

November 12
"Dark matter search with liquid argon detectors"

Speaker: Biagio Rossi, Princeton University / INFN Naples
Host: Hanguo Wang

November 17
"New detection concepts for future noble-liquid detectors for dark matter and other rare-event searches"
Speaker: Dr. Lior Arazi, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Host: Hanguo Wang

November 19
"Current status of sterile neutrino dark matter"
Speaker: George Fuller, UC San Diego
Host: David Cline

November 25 @ 4pm
"The High Pt Surprise in Forward Transverse Single Spin Pion Asymmetries from pp Collisions"

Speaker: Steve Heppelmann, Penn State University
Host: Huan Huang
*Note special day and time*

December 3
"Project 8: Towards a Radio-Frequency Measurement of the Neutrino Mass"

Speaker: Luiz de Viveiros, UC Santa Barbara
Host: Lindley Winslow

December 9 @ 3pm
"The Quark-Gluon Plasma at its Most Strongly Coupled: Current and Future Measurements at RHIC"

Speaker: Ann Sickles, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Host: Huan Huang
*Note special day and time*

December 10
"Quantum statistics measurements using 2-, 3-, and 4-pion Bose-Einstein correlations"

Speaker: Dr. Dhevan Gangadharan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Host: Huan Huang