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Spring 2002

3 April
Supersymmetry at the Tevatron Run II
Jane Nachtman,
University of California, Los Angeles

9 April
The Pierre Auger Observatory
Arun Tripathi,
University of California, Los Angeles

17 April
Very High Energy Gamma Rays with HEGRA and HESS
Dr. Alexander Konopelko,
Max Planck Institute of Heidelberg

23 April
No seminar
29 April
The AMS Experiment: Cosmic Ray Measurements in Space
Dr. Markus Christinziani,
University of Geneva

1 May
CP Violation Studies and Other Results from Belle
Prof. Steve Olsen,
University of Hawaii

8 May
No seminar

14 May at 4:15
A Departure from Prediction: Measurement of Electroweak Parameters at NuTeV
Prof. Kevin McFarland,
University of Rochester

21 May at 4:15
TeV Astrophysics: VERITAS and Beyond
Dr. Scott Wakely,
University of Chicago

29 May
g-2 Experiment
Dr. Gerry Speaker,
Brookhaven National Laboratory

5 June
No seminar

11 June at 4:15
Clean: a Solar Neutrino Detector Based on Liquid Neon
Dr. Dan McKinsey,

26 June (special seminar)
LHC: The Machine and the Experiments
Dr. Tejinder Virdee,