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Spring 2005

6 April
UCLA Brief Research Updates
Profs. Arisaka, Cousins, Hauser, Huang, Saltzberg, Wallny and Dr. Wang

14 April* Thursday at 12:30pm
"Diamond Detectors for Particle Detection"
Prof. Harris Kagan,
Ohio State University

20 April
No seminar yet scheduled

27 April
"New Results from CDMS II"
Prof. Harry Nelson,
UC Santa Barbara

title TBD
Prof. Leslie Rosenberg

10 May, **** Tuesday at 3pm (SPECIAL EEP Seminar)
"Measuring Geo-nus and the Search for a Geo-reactor with KamLAND
and a New Experiment, Hanohano, in the mid-Pacific"
Prof. John Learned
University of Hawaii

11 May
"Determining the Neutrino Mixing Angle theta_13 At Daya Bay"
Prof. Kam-Biu Luk
UC Berkeley

17 May****(Tuesday)
“Looking for neutrinos from 2 km underground: The SNO Project”
Prof. Jimmy Law
University of Guelph

25 May
"Neutrino Physics at the Energy Frontier"
Prof. Steve Barwick,
UC Irvine

1 June
"Measuring the Top Quark Mass Using b-Hadron Decay Lengths"
Dr. Chris Hill
UC Santa Barbara

8 June