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Spring 2007

4 April
No seminar - "Graduate Visiting Day"
University of California, Los Angeles

11 April
Physics Anno 2007 with the Crystal Ball in its Fourth Incarnation
Prof. Bernard Nefkens
University of California, Los Angeles

12 April (*SPECIAL TIME, 4:45pm)
Dark Matter search using very Low Temperature Detectors
Dr. Nader Mirabolfathi
UC Berkeley

The Enriched Xenon Observatory for Double Beta Decay
Dr. Andrea Pocar
Stanford University

18 April
"Magnetowave Induced Plasma Wakefield Acceleration for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays "
Dr. Pisin Chen

25 April
Searching for Stochastic Gravitational-wave Background with LIGO:Results and Implications
Dr. Vuk Mandik

1 May (*Special DATE/TIME, TUESDAY @ 3pm)
Recent results from the XENON Dark Matter experiment
Dr. Maria Monzani
Columbia University

2 May (Special Colloquium: Cancelled)
Prof. Homer Neal
Yale University

3 May
Recent Results from the MAGIC Gamma-Ray Telescope
Dr. Razmik Mirzoyan
MPI- Munich

9 May
No seminar yet scheduled

15 May (*SPECIAL DATE/TIME, Tuesday at 4pm)
The low-background phase of KamLAND
Dr. Christopher Mauger

16 May
The Mass of the W Boson from 200 pb-1 at CDF-II
Dr. Larry Nodulman
Argonne National Laboratory

23 May
"IceCube: A Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole"
Dr. Dawn Williams
Pennsylvania State University

30 May
Results of the neutrino oscillation search at MiniBooNE
Prof. Eric Zimmerman
University of Colorado

6 June
XENON Experiment and Its Future
Dr. Masaki Yamashita
Columbia University