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Spring 2008

2 April
"The CMS experiment at the LHC:Preparing for early discoveries"
Prof. Albert De Roeck

8 April (TUESDAY @ 4:15pm, Joint HEAP & Nuclear Physics Seminar)
"Double-Beta Decay: Strengths and Weakness of the Leading Experimental Proposals"
Prof. Frank Avignone
University of South Carolina

16 April
"Spooky Quantum Neutrino Antics in Supernovae: A New Window on Neutrino Properties?"
Prof. George Fuller

30 April
"Progress on the Development of a Muon Collider in the USA"
Prof. David Cline

14 May
"Progress on the Search for Dark Matter with Noble Gas Detector"
Dr. Hanguo Wang

21 May
"Search for Maximal Flavor Violation"
Dr. Daniel Whiteson
UC Irvine

27 May (*Special date/time: Tuesday@11:30am)
"Precision top quark mass measurement simultaneously in dilepton and lepton + jets decay channels."
Dr. Wojciech Fedorko
Univ. of Chicago

27 May (Tuesday, Joint HEAP & Nuclear Physics Seminar)
"Anatomy of the double beta decay matrix elements"
Dr. Petr Vogel

4 June
"Higgs Searches at the Tevatron"
Dr. Gregorio Bernardi
LPNHE, Univ. of Paris VI