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Winter 2008

9 January
No seminar yet scheduled
Institution, e.g. University of California, Los Angeles

16 January
"A Muon to Electron Conversion Experiment at Fermilab"
Dr. Eric Prebys

 23 January
"Gamma to milli-eV Particle Search"
Dr. William Wester

29 January
"Search for the Standard Model Higgs in the Dilepton+Neutrino Final State at CDF II"
Dr. Shih-Chieh Hsu

30 January
"Understanding Cosmic-Ray Acceleration at Supernova Remnants on a 3-Dimensional Model"
Prof. Tune Kamae

6 February
"High-Energy Neutrino Detection at the S. Pole - Latest Results"
Dr. Spencer Klein
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

13 February
"Compton Telescopes for Gamma-ray Astrophysics"
Prof. Steve Boggs
UC, Berkeley

20 February
Reserved for DM meeting
Institution, e.g. University of California, Los Angeles

27 February
"Designing a Detector for the ILC"
Prof. John Jaros

5 March
"Gamma-Ray Astronomy with HESS, GLAST and Beyond"
Dr. Stefan Funk

12 March
"Higgs Searches at the Tevatron." (tentative)
Prof. Gregorio Bernardi
LPNHE, Univ. of Paris VI

19 March
"New Dark Matter search results from CDMS-II"
Dr. Raul Hennings-Yeomans
Case Western Reserve University

27 March (*Special Seminar: Thursday, 3/27 from 2-3 pm)
"Direct Dark Matter Detection with XENON"
Dr. Kaixuan Ni
Columbia University